Digital AYPT 2020
A Competition for Teams of Young Physicists

Getting Started

The Digital AYPT 2020 will take place online. Therefore, we use Zoom-Meetings to communicate. The fights were slightly adapted for this purpose, as you can see in the guide to the new fight procedure. As you can see from the new procedure, the videos have to be uploaded before the tournament. If you need help, please check out the guide to video-uploading. Jury, please use the new version of the scoring sheet. A booklet is available for you too.

Meeting Rooms

Should you be prompted for a meeting password, please use AYPT2020
Room Name Link
Aula Zoom: 8254520298
Fight Room Lise Meitner Zoom: 5331608565
Fight Room Ludwig Boltzmann Zoom: 4933902669
Fight Room Erwin Schrödinger Zoom: 7568190804
Fight Room Wolfgang Pauli Zoom: 6371339908
We recommend to always join the meeting via the Zoom application, preferrably on the computer, but alternatively the Zoom app for Android or iOS. Should none of that work for you, you can alternatively use the phone-dial ins.


Overall timetable

Please be in your respective fight-room 10min before the start of the fight!
Date Time (CEST) Event Meeting Room
Thu, Apr 16 18:00-18:45 Opening Ceremony Aula
18:45-19:30 Jury Briefing Aula
Fri, Apr 17 09:00-11:30 1st Fight Fight Rooms
11:30-14:30 Break
14:30-17:00 2nd Fight Fight Rooms
18:30-open End Online BBQ-Party (to keep the traditions) Aula + Fight Rooms
Sat, Apr 18 09:00-11:30 3rd Fight Fight Rooms
11:30-14:30 Break
14:30-17:00 Finals Aula
17:00-17:30 Award Ceremony Aula

Fight Schedule

The fight schedule lists the roles for the first stage of each fight. In the second stage, reporter and opponent switch roles.
Room Fight 1 (Fr) Fight 2 (Fr) Fight 3 (Sat)
Ludwig Boltzmann Rep: Slovakia Rep: Innsbruck Rep: Germany
Opp: Villach 1 Opp: Villach 2 Opp: Iran
Lise Meitner Rep: Innsbruck Rep: Slovakia Rep: Salzburg
Opp: Russia Opp: Germany Opp: Villach 2
Wolfgang Pauli Rep: Germany Rep: Villach 1 Rep: Slovakia
Opp: Salzburg Opp: Iran Opp: Russia
Erwin Schrödinger Rep: Iran Rep: Russia Rep: Villach 1
Opp: Villach 2 Opp: Salzburg Opp: Innsbruck
Team Problem for PF3
Germany 8
Innsbruck 2
Iran 2
Russia 2
Salzburg 16
Slovkia 11
Villach 1 17
Villach 2 16

Jury Schedule

Fight Room Jurors
Finals: Aula Thomas Lindner, Paul Worm, Sergej Faletic, Gerhard Dorn, Alexander Eber, Martin Tazreiter, Fabian Valka, Lukas Hörmann, Robert Kelley, David Toneian, Daniela Ivanova
Ludwig Boltzmann Thomas Lindner, Clemens Moritz, Daniel Steiner, Anna Maria Klingenböck, Hans-Linus Pfau, Gerhard Dorn, Alexander Pfleger, Christian Fellinger
Lise Meitner Michael Scherbela, Alexander Eber, Anatol Beck, Martin Tazreiter, Christa Deinlein, Frederic Brünner, Robert Kelley, Hannah Prochazka
Wolfgang Pauli Paul Worm, Daniela Ivanova, Gernot Kraberger, Lukas Hörmann, Mark Etzel, Fabian Valka, Jonathan Costa & Flora Philipp
Erwin Schrödinger Peter Poier, David Toneian, Sergej Faletic, Maurizio Musso, Carla Schuler, Frantisek Kundracik, Luca Entremont


For the rating of the individual Judges click here
Ranking Team PF1 PF2 PF3 PF 1-3 Finals
1BG/BRG Villach St. Martin 135.539.242.6117.341.1
2Slovak YPT38.138.132.7108.937.3
3Russia Voronezh33.935.630.6100.1
4BG/BRG Villach St. Martin 236.632.330.899.7
5BRG APP Innsbruck29.027.031.787.7
6Germany Rosenheim29.123.330.783.1
8Pluskurs Physik Salzburg20.322.022.464.7


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